Start Power produces a wide range of products, including high-frequency generators for the wood industry. At the upcoming Ligna trade fair in Hannover from May 15th to 19th, our technicians will be available to discuss the main aspects of this solution, which we summarize in this article.

This innovative technology is based on the use of an electromagnetic field to quickly heat or dry the adhesive. It represents an alternative to conventional methods, which can be slow and inefficient. In traditional hot-pressing systems, heat is transmitted to the wood through conduction, while with high frequency, heat is produced within the material. This happens through the phenomenon of "dielectric losses," in which electric dipoles rapidly reverse (several million times per second) within the electromagnetic field between the press planes.

High-frequency generators are particularly useful for shaping and drying laminated profiles, as they allow for deeper penetration and faster processes. This is substantial, as the powers involved are often very high. For example, laminated beam presses can require powers up to 100-200 kW. High frequency allows laminated beams to be produced more efficiently than the conventional cold-bonding method, which requires longer processing times. With a high-frequency press, longer beams are made in multiple steps with shorter presses, allowing a 15-meter beam to be produced in three or four cycles. Each cycle can last 10 or 15 minutes, so the entire process takes about an hour and requires adhesives with very long open times.

Start Power has worked to make the mechanism of high-frequency generators more intuitive and user-friendly for its customers. Additionally, the company is investing in new solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of production processes. Start Power generators can be integrated with existing presses or those made by major global manufacturers, provided that they are properly prepared for use with high frequency.

The company has introduced a series of upgrades, including the possibility of management via a touchscreen panel with PLC for Industry 4.0, and automatic power regulation systems. PLC is an abbreviation that stands for "Programmable Logic Controller" and refers to a device used to supervise processes by processing digital and analog signals from sensors installed in the production areas of industrial companies.

This customization that Start Power makes available to its customers can offer several advantages, including:
- Automation of processes and improvement of system efficiency
- Greater precision and control of the production process
- Adaptability to market demand
- Prevention of problems and malfunctions

The use of Start Power's high-frequency generators represents an innovative solution for the wood industry, capable of improving the efficiency of the production process and the quality of the final product. Thanks to the flexibility and precision of the panel with PLC, it is possible to quickly adapt production to the needs of the market and prevent any problems or malfunctions in the system.

To find out more about HF technology and its advantages, visit the Start Power website and discover how this technology can improve your industrial activity, or come visit us at Hall 13, stand F22.

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