Technical advice

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Our advice service starts from listening to customer’s requests and continues to after-sales.

The materials and systems selection is executed on the base of adaptability and efficiency in order to guarantee the best working of the final product.

Not to forget, the continuous support of our technicians, who offer remarkable experience, ideas and know-how.

Hardware and software design

start power services

Hardware and software are essential components to define the structure of the electronic circuits and the correct working of the current equipment.

In this field we have developed such flexibility, configuration and experience that we can guarantee competence and cutting edge services in the different phases of the project.

The projects, realized for the industrial automation field, may include the development of software for PLC and HMI, both for the individual needs of each customer and for the standard equipment of our production.

Hardware and Software equipment

start power services

From static switches to converters. From energy saving static converters to analog and three-phase digital ones. From traditional power supplies to electro-pulsed switching. From fuses to high frequency generators. These are the equipment that Start Power realizes for the most various applications of the Italian and European industrial sector.

Using the most advanced technologies, Start Power assembles, builds and offers products designed on the individual specifications of each customer, thus providing custom solutions, synonymous not only with quality, but also uniqueness.

Printed circuit boards

start power services

Precision and attention are basic elements of each of our products.
The manufacturing steps of the printed circuits include the assembly of the components through the use of soldering techniques “through-hole” and “surface mounted” (SMT).
At disposal of the customer we offer not only a service of customization, but also reparation and replacement of individual components.

Mechanical design

start power services

Start Power has a strong mechanical design activity, based on a careful analysis of the praticular needs of every customer.
The realization of projects in mechanical transmission components field and in the switchboards carpentry one, occurs thanks to the use of two- and three-dimensional parametric software.

After-sale service

Start Power services

The after-sale support and the customers’ satisfaction are primary targets for Start Power.

Reliability, accuracy and punctuality are key points on which are based the efficient helpline and the immediate intervention of our smart technicians.