High frequency generator for wood press

Our capacity high frequency generator is synonymous with tradition and innovation.

Our engineers have merged many years of experience with the latest technology to offer our Customers a high quality, efficient and reliable product.

It is equipped with:

  • Metal-ceramic power triode with air or water cooling
  • Motorized variable coupling device
  • Independent current regulation of the grid
  • Protection against overloads and overheating
  • Special anti-noise filters



Our generator has peculiarities and technical solutions that allow maximum efficiency already available in the standard version:

  • Stepless power adjustment (Power Driver): allows power regulation from 0% to 100% by using a potentiometer, even when the high frequency is operating;
  • Three-phase rectifier bridge with high reliability silicon diodes;
  • Variable Anodic and Grid capacitors controlled with DC motors at slow speed, to avoid current surges

The standard available range includes models from 10 to 100kW. Customized executions on request.


Start Power can provide some options to increase the performances of the generator:

  • PLC control system;
  • Digital operator terminal for setting and storage of the working cycles;
  • Easy management of the generator parameters and, if required, of the press too;
  • Creation of custom working cycles with direct settingsof power and time;
  • Double HF output (left and right) by means of a pneumatic switch (double HF timer and double potentiometer are provided);
  • Double-shielding of the oscillating circuit by means of Faraday Cage;
  • Voltage stabilizer of the triode’s filament;
  • Control panel in separated console


Our high frequency capacitive generator can be used in a wide range of applications.

Some examples are:

  • Quick glueing and bending of solid timber
  • Bent plywood production
  • Chipboard production
  • Drying of veneers, paper, batting, textile fibres and other materials
  • Heating and welding of plastic materials



Our generator is 100% handmade in Italy.