Tension gauges for belts

The correct initial belt tension is a prerequisite for trouble-free, long-term drive operation in industrial applications.

CONTI® VSM-1, VSM-2 e VSM-3 electronic instruments have been designed to measure the initial tension of timing and ribbed belts. They can be used for a simple and precise optimization of the static force of the belt cord independently of the tension core.


Misuratore tensione Conti VSM

• Non-contact measurement

• Flexible sensor arm to allow monitoring even where access is difficult
• Precise reading thanks to the use of optoelectronic measurement method

• Serial interface for connection to PC
• Voltage initial value can be recorded and analyzed
• It can be introduced into the quality assurance process for mass production 

• Non-contact measurement
• Compact design that ensures reliable measurements even in areas with difficult access
• Precise measurements thanks to the optoelectronic measurement method
• Sturdy and resistant case

Available are also CONTI® V-Belt Tension Gauge for manual tension measurement and CONTI® V-Belt Length Gauge for manual length measurement.

Misuratore tensione manuale Conti

Misuratore lunghezza Conti.

Spare parts for couplings

Available in stock lamellar packs, plug-in and wear indicator for FLENDER® transmission coupling spare parts.

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