The mechanic structure has been studied in order to guarantee the best stability by maintaining an easy accessibility to the boards and the power modules (SCR); the possible boards substitution is simplified thanks to the interconnections realized with quick connectors.
In the planning of the converter physical structure, the executive requests of the applicable legislations have been taken into great consideration:


  • resistance to corrosion
  • IP2X protection degree
  • Heat profligacy
  • Ease of installation

The 3DBS series converter are controlled three-phase analog and they can operate with tension up to 500 Vac, current up to 600A, frequency from 50Hz or 60Hz.

They are suitable for the regulation of unidirectional direct voltages.

With different mechanic dimensions current size up to 9000A are available.

AC/DC Converters

AC/DC Converters

The AC/DC converters available in Start Power are:


  • Unidirectional single-phase and three-phase analog converters            
  • Uni- and bidirectional three-phase digital converters