IS/SF static swithches

Solid state IS/SF switches overcome the electro-mechanic switches limitations in many difficult and heavy applications, such as the control of high power motors, transformers, tungsten lamps, heating elements, electric furnaces, ecc.

The IS switches have an extremely long service life since they have no electric contacts, which may wear over the time and generate negligible radio-frequency interferences. Thanks to these features they are ideal for use in all applications where acoustic or electric noises are not acceptable.

Moreover, the total absence of moving parts allows their operation without risking alterations and/or damages in dirty atmospheres and/or environments.
The IS static switches range from 100 to 1500A, they are suitable for every kind of mains power supply and equipped with protection fuses and RC groups.
The three-phase implementation can be obtained by using, as necessary, 2 or 3 single-phase static switches; we can also provide compact implementations (on a single container), where 2 or 3 static switches, conveniently linked, are mounted.
The series from 100 to 600A is made by isolated case models, which are mounted on squanderers of adequate length with or without fan depending on the flow capacity.
The static switches available in Start Power are:

  • COMPACT series (sizes from 25A to 75A)


  • PLUS series (standard sizes from 100A to 600A)

static switches

static switches

static switches

“PLF”  device – Partial Load Failure

The control device series “PLF” has been designed to monitor the partial and/ or total failure of the alternating current absorbed by loads driven by static switches and/or electromechanical relays.

The control series “PLF” includes a current transformer for its quick and easy installation.

The control device series “PLF” is supplied in two standard sizes:

  • Max current 300A and max current 600A

static switches