Three phase - single phase UPS SP2-MS (10kVA-20kVA)

  • True On-line Double Conversion Typology
  • Advanced DSP Control Technology
  • Tower or Rack / Tower Convertible
  • 0.9 Output Power Factor
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Active Harmonic Current Control
  • LCD/LED display
  • Patent Backup Runtime Estimation
  • Multiple Operation Mode
  • Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
  • Remote On Off control (ROO) - Optional Programmable Outlets
  • Easy Firmware Flash Upgrade

The SP2 on-line VFI-SS double conversion UPS with static By-Pass, ensure constant load and total elimination of electrical noise as it does not provide any direct network-user connection. Fully managed by microprocessors, the SP2 UPS power the users with a perfect sinusoidal waveform without any interruption.

Thanks to the USB, RS232, SNMP interfaces and to the management/control software, supplied with the UPS, it is possible to manage and control the power supply via the main operating systems. The SP2 UPS Tower or Rack/Tower version, guarantee the highest quality standards.

Characterized by refined and functional design, low noise level, lightness and small size, this UPS is the perfect choice for safety in offices and in every environment where users are at risk.

UPS of the series SP2-MS2 are available with three-phase input voltage and single-phase output voltage, in a range of power from 10kVA to 20kVA, with standard or extended autonomy. 

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