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We design and produce of High Frequency Capacitive Generators that can be combined with single and multidaylight presses, vertical and horizontal clamps, drying systems. Our generators are ideal for:

  • Production and gluing of chipboard panels, cork blocks and others
  • Fast gluing of solid wood for the production of blockboard panels, glue-lam beams and laminated elements for windows, X-LAM panels (CLT), multilayer parquet and others
  • Fast gluing of sandwich panels in wood and other composite materials
  • Drying of solid wood, veneers and other materials
  • Production of curved plywood and bending of solid wood.


Standard HFC generator

  • Continuous power regulation (Power Driver): for fine power adjustment from 0% to 100% using a potentiometer, even when the high frequency is operating
  • In case of double output HF it’s possible to adjust two different power levels and cycle times to the right and left output (automatic setting at each switch)
  • Three-phase rectifier bridge with high reliability silicon diodes
  •  Variable Anodic and Grid capacitors controlled with DC motors at slow speed, to avoid current surges
  • The standard available range includes models from 10kW to 100kW
  • Triode cooling by forced air or liquid circulation
  • Customized executions upon request



  • PLC panel for 4.0 industry
  • Additional options to make the work of the HFC generator even more effective (automatic compensation adjustment, discharge limiting devices, etc.. )
  • Integration with teleservice systems
  • Possibility to supply color and/or power customized versions.

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