SIRIO 3PH and ALFA 3PHSAP three-phase converters

The three-phase converter is an electronic equipment able to vary the RMS value of a sinusoidal voltage by controlling no. 6 controlled, antiparallel-connected conducting diode pairs.

Since the wave form is symmetrically split both into positive and negative halfwave, the output voltage average value is not affected and equal to zero. This means that three-phase loads can be fed without gene rating inside the mesh a circulating current with average value other than zero.

Moreover, the three-phase converting is obtained with only one control circuit thus ensuring balance between the three linked voltages applied to the load.

Three-phase converters are used as:

  • Voltage variator for temperature regulation
  • Three-phase static relay with soft-start
  • Transformer primary control
  • Starter for induction motors
  • Torque regulator in motor slips
  • Soft-starter for high capacity transformers.

Start Power three-phase converts are available in models 3PHAP (without voltage and current control) and 3PHSAP (complete with voltage and current control).

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