Unidirectional mono- and three-phase analog AC-DC converters, uni- and bidirectional three-phase digital AC-DC converters. Unidirectional mono- and three-phase AC/DC analog converters can be used as motor controls or as power supplies in sizes from 40A up to 500A. Uni- and bi-directional three-phase digital AC/DC converters are suitable for adjusting motor speed and torque.

Our products

AC/DC analog converters

Unidirectional single-phase and three-phase analog converters

We produce and market AC/DC analog converters to control DC motors. The 3DBS series is under Start Power design and implementation. This product can be used either as motor control or power supply, indifferently, and is available in the standard series from 40A to 500A. Lower current sizes, with single-phase and three-phase supply, are marketed in collaboration with the principal national constructors.

three-phase digital converters

Uni- and bidirectional three-phase digital converters

Our equipments series SCxQML230 are totally controlled three-phase digital converters operating up to 500 Vac voltage, 360A current, frequency between 45 and 62Hz; they are suitable for speed and motor torque regulation. Sizes with current up to 9000 A are available in different mechanical dimensions.