Three phase UPS SP3-TS (10kVA – 80kVA)

  • 3 Level IGBT Technology
  • High Efficiency, On-line Mode Efficiency 96%
  • High Input Power Factor >0.99
  • Low Input Harmonic, THDi% <3%
  • Unity Output Power Factor 1.0
  • Power Scalable and Parallel Redundancy
  • Separate / Common Battery Configuration for Parallel Redundant System
  • Iconic design HMI
  • Colour LCD Touch Screen

The SP3 on-line VFI-SS-111 double conversion UPS with static By-Pass (in compliance with IEC EN 62040-3 regulation), ensure constant load and total elimination of electrical noise as it does not provide any direct network-user connection.

Fully managed by microprocessors, the SP3 UPS power the users with a perfect sinusoidal waveform, ensuring maximum load protection avoiding interferences and optimizing energy saving.

The SP3 technology and its high-performance components, ensure the highest quality standards and high levels of efficiency, together with extremely compact dimensions. Flexibility of configurations, performances, accessories and options make the SP3 UPS suitable for a wide variety of applications (capacitive load supply without any reduction in active power; On Line or Eco operation; frequency converter mode, etc.).

UPS of the series SP3-TS are available with three-phase input and output voltage, in a range of power from 10kVA to 80kVA, in parallel (maximum 6 units), with standard or extended autonomy

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