We offer Siemens-Flender high quality couplings, for almost every industrial sectors. As a consequence, we can offer a wide range of them:couplings

  • Completely steel coupling (stainless steel upon request) starting from 5 Nm to torques of 8.1000.000 Nm. Available also in API 610 implementation;
  • Highly flexible, torsionally rigid couplings: available in 15 sizes with nominal torques between 330 Nm and 40.000 Nm;
  • Highly elastic tyre couplings: available in 12 sizes for torques up to 90.000 Nm;
  • Elastic couplings without protection against pad wear. Torque range from 60 to 21.200 Nm available in 17 sizes.
  • Front timing elastic couplings, equipped with protection against pad wear. Available in stock in 13 sizes for torques between 13.5 and 3.700 Nm. Available also with taper bushing for simple mounting.
  • Universal elastic couplings: torque range from 19 to 62.000 Nm in 23 different sizes and 10 different types.
  • Universal flexible pin couplings: available in Standard torque range from 150 to 1.000.000 Nm (higher torques on request). Standard series in 26 sizes.
  • Hydrodynamic couplings: Available in 15 types and 16 sizes for power up to 2.000 kW.
  • Steel double-jointed gear couplings: The range includes 31 sizes of which 14 in stock for torques up to 250.000 Nm and maximum holes up to 270 mm. In addition to the standard program, couplings up to 10.000.000 Nm, or higher upon request, are available.
  • Double-jointed gear couplings: Available ex stock in 12 sizes up to torque 125.000 Nm and maximum hole of 250 mm.
  • Dry friction clutch: Available in 22 sizes and 14 types with torques up to 30.000 Nm.
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The new transmission coupling FLENDER N-BIPEX can easily meet the customer’s needs, and it is perfectly interchangeable with the principal products, which are currently on the market, by offering the best performances at an interesting price.

The use of high quality materials and the study of the new cam profile has considerably improved this coupling performances, by making it suitable for heavy operations.


The principal features of this new coupling are:

  • High capability of absorbing torques pick (up to 3 times nominal torque)
  • High temperatures operation (-50°C up to +100°C)
  • Excellent relation price-performance
  • Rationed sizes in order to reduce the costs and the replacements availability
  • High performance elastomers for a uniform distribution of the transmitted cargo
  • Reduced weight, simple monitoring, short delivery time

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