In order to provide our customers with an all-round service, in addition to maintenance and repair service, we supply spare parts for high-frequency current generators, including:

  • Ceramic triodes with forced air or liquid cooling,
  • Highly reliable semiconductor rectifier bridges,
  • High-voltage ceramic capacitors of all types and models,
  • Fixed and adjustable resistors,
  • Three-phase and single-phase transformers,
  • Ammeters and timers,
  • Inductances.

They can be applied for:
  • Rapid gluing of solid wood for the production of panels battens, beams and laminated elements for construction and X-LAM ( CLT ) panels, multilayer parquet;
  • Production of curved plywood and bending of solid wood;
  • Drying of solid wood, veneers;
  • Rapid gluing of sandwich panels made of wood and other materials composites;
  • Rapid forming and gluing of chipboard, blocks of cork etc.
We are always ready to meet your individual needs.

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Ammeters and timers


All types and models of high-voltage ceramic capacitators


Rectifier bridges and semiconductors

Fixed and adjustable resistors

Ceramic triodes with forced air or liquid cooling


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