Railway Rectifiers - Subway Rectifiers - Rectifiers for urban tramways

In 2018, a branch of Power Equipments, an Italian manufacturer of converters and rectifiers for the industrial and railway sectors, joined Start Power. Thanks to this acquisition, Start Power has implemented its wealth of knowledge in the realization of automation systems and products for the railway and urban rail transport sector. The long experience accumulated in the manufacture of special power equipment for many industrial and railway applications, and the in-depth knowledge of semi-conductors, enables Start Power to respond with highly reliable solutions to all electronic power management requirements.
Today Start Power deals with the design and production of:

Railway Rectifiers

Used to convert alternating (AC) electrical energy into continuous (DC) electrical energy for powering railway systems , playing a crucial role in providing a stable and reliable supply of continuous energy to railway networks.

Subway Rectifiers

Equipment used to convert alternating electrical energy (AC) into direct electrical energy (DC) to power metro systems. Underground transport networks require DC power to power trains, signalling systems, lighting and other electrical equipment within stations and along underground lines.

Rectifiers for urban tramways

To convert alternating electrical energy into direct energy to power urban tramway systems. They play a crucial role in ensuring stable and reliable power for the safe and efficient operation of urban tramway networks, powering trams and associated electrical equipment.


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