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Single-phase UPS are equipment that work with a single phase power supply. They consist of a power converter, a battery and a control system and are designed to protect connected electrical devices from power failures, voltage spikes or other disturbances in the power supply. When a power supply fault is detected, the UPS immediately switches from mains power mode to power mode from the internal battery or a power generator. This ensures that connected devices continue to operate without interruption during blackouts or voltage fluctuations. Available in a power range from 450VA to 10kVA.

SP1-GR single phase UPS (450VA - 2kVA)

The SP1-GR single phase UPS is a line-interactive technology that combines the most up-to-date technologies and the highest reliability of the market. Ideal for home, shops and small offices.

Single phase UPS SP1-AR (1kVA – 3kVA)

SP1-AR tower has got a number of smart features that increase battery life. Thanks to the new Battery Discharge protection control function, it’s perfect for medium voltage substations applications. 
It is a model that can be installed in Rack or Tower (RT) version.

UPS SP1-MS3 single phase (6kVA – 10kVA)

The UPS SP1-MS3 is a single-phase VFI uninterruptible power supply with Double Conversion On-line technology and is a model that can be installed in Rack or Tower (RT) version.
With 4 units in parallel also redundancy is at the highest!

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