Power Joule One

The Joule effect heater of our design is used in the woodworking industry.



  • Covering of chipboard panels and/or MDF with    veneering, formica, finishfoil or similar
  • Realization of bent multilayer wood of low and    medium thickness
  • Every realization of glued elements where the use of    high frequency is hard due to the difficulty in realizing    adequate insulation
  • Every kind of gluing of wood based materials in small medium sizes and reduced productive pabilities.

The Joule effect heater is also recommended in cases where it is not possible to use high frequency technology due to the difficulty of making an insulation.

Joule effect heaters are used in other industrial sectors for tubes heating, materials annealing, tempering.



  • Rapidity in reaching the temperature required
  • Absolute absence of heating fluids loss
  • Possibility to control heating cycles
  • Easy connections and usage
  • Restricted budget or rapid return on investment
  • Extremely reduced maintenance
  • Output very low voltage.

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