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Three-phase UPS is a backup power system designed to provide uninterrupted power to electrical loads that require a three-phase connection. Unlike single-phase UPSs, which operate with a single phase supply, three-phase UPSs operate with three phases and a neutral. It is ideal for powering heavy loads such as large industrial plants, commercial facilities, data centres and other applications with high energy demands. Available in a power range from 10kVA to 80kVA.

Three phase UPS SP3-TS (10kVA – 80kVA)

SP3-TS is the best choice for small datacenters. And with a simplified maintenance helps reducing the TCO of the installation. It is available with three-phase input and output voltage, in a power range of 10kVA to 80kVA.

Three Phase UPS SP3-KR (10KVA – 40KVA)

Thanks to its reduced footprint, SP3-KR UPS is the optimum choice when the available space is limited. Moreover, the included features meet the needs of the majority of IT installations with a very positive value-for-money.

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