Bipolar 2-4 Quadrants Power Supply

Bipolar 2-4 quadrant power supplies, also known as multiple quadrant power supplies or bi-directional power supplies, are electronic devices used to supply power in both directions, either in power supply mode or in energy absorption mode. They fall into the D2-D2C Series and the D4 Series.

The D2 Series power supplies are built to meet special testing needs in many sectors, e.g. to obtain charging and discharging profiles of batteries in cyclic mode without having to disconnect the battery from the power supply to connect it to a load, or for automotive testing, or in all those applications that require a voltage generator and an electronic absorber in a single device.

The D2C series is represented by power supplies with 2 opposing dials to achieve reverse pole current delivery. Indispensable in certain galvanic or chemical processes that require cyclical inversion of the supply polarity of the process electrodes because they eliminate the problem of maintaining contactors that implement the polar exchange mechanically. They are also suitable for testing DC motors to reverse their direction of rotation in the absence of a spark created by an electromechanical switch, or in the management of DC electric motors that need to be controlled in both directions.

4 Quadrant Bipolar Power Supplies are characterised by the ability to supply and draw current in both the positive and negative quadrant.