Three Phase UPS SP3-KR (10KVA – 40KVA)

SP3-KR UPSs offer the maximum flexibility: 10, 15, and 20 kVA models can be easily set up on-site with three-phase (3/3) or single-phase (3/1) output, depending on installation requirements.

These UPSs feature low input harmony, with a THDi% of less than 3, and a power factor of 1.0.
They have the smallest footprint in their class (0.22 m2 for a 20 kVA with 40x9 Ah internal batteries), and thanks to the internal vertical layout they ensure a low TCO.

The presence of an LCD/LED display allows easy viewing of UPS information and settings.
Management and control of the SP3-KR UPS can be done through the USB and RS232, SNMP interfaces and the provided management software (optionals). This allows complete management of the UPS through major operating systems.

SP3-KR UPSs are available in three-phase versions, ranging from 10kVA to 40kVA, which can be paralleled up to 6 units. They also offer standard or extended runtime options and are equipped with advanced communication systems for complete system management.


  • Built-in high current battery charger (10kVA with up to 10A standard charger).
  • Cold start function included.
  • Designed to minimize the impact on generators and avoid the need for their oversizing.
  • Wide communication offer as a standard: two com slots, RS232, USB, programmable dry contacts.
  • Up to 95% efficiency in online mode.
  • 4 poles manual bypass and Breakers.
  • High overload capability up to 1 minute at 150%.
  • Wide range of battery number per string from 26 to 40 LCD settable.
  • Standard separate or common batteries for parallel systems.

Purchasing the product, we will also provide the Software and the User's Manual via CD.

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