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Do you have an idea? Let’s make it power together!

Do you have a project in mind? Let’s do it together!

With the experience gained over the years, we have specialized in the design and manufacture of customized equipment in various application areas. The Customer addresses us with an existing idea or project and asks us to realize it; other times, however, it addresses us exposing a problem and we find the most efficient and performing solution.

Our sectors

Wood and composites

We serve the wood and composites industry by manufacturing high frequency generators and systems for medium and large companies. Our generators, thanks to their technological innovations, simplify and speed up the work in gluing, bending and drying operations.


Starting from the know-how acquired by the company Power Equipments, today we have developed a range of rectifiers for railway traction that integrates innovation and compliance with current regulations.


Automotive DC users pay particular attention to the speed of response of remote controls and ease of use. Start Power Stabilized Power Supplies, paying particular attention to these characteristics, are known and appreciated by operators in this sector.


We operate in the field of electroplating by manufacturing rectifiers specific to the individual needs of customers. Regardless of the type of galvanic bath and the placement of the bath, we can offer you the reliable tool that will follow you in the years to come.


Where there is power electronics there is industry and where there is industry there needs flexibility, quality and efficiency. By following these three principles, when we develop our devices we not only produce a product but the tool that will allow you to concretize your ideas.

Test bench

In the field of instrumentation and testing, the precision and reliability of the devices are essential elements. For this reason, all our power supplies are manufactured following strict process controls, constantly developed and updated and with the utmost attention to detail.

Our custom products

Test bench

1.5MW test bench for railway engines 1500-3000Vdc.

Traditional power supply

Traditional thyristor power supply 20.000A 50V for titanium bars heating.

Modular power supply

Modular power supply consisting of three sections of 8000 A each, which can work in single or parallel for a total power of 4MV, used in thermal tests.

Power supply 50A - 20.000V

50A - 20.000V power supply for the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Test bench

1280kW 0-400Vdc constant current and 400Vdc to 650Vdc constant power supply for test bench.

Power Training 2.000A

Power formation 2.000A. Three-phase control for thermoelectric power plant.


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