High frequency (HF) or Radio frequency (RF) technology is a technique used in the wood and composite material to reduce processing time.

The main processes where high frequency is used are:

Fast gluing of solid wood for the production of blockboard panels, glue-lam beams and laminated elements for windows, X-LAM panels (CLT), multilayer parquet and others

  • Production of curved plywood and bending of solid wood

  • Production and gluing of chipboard panels, cork blocks and others
  • Fast gluing of sandwich panels in wood and other composite materials
  • Drying of solid wood, veneers and other materials.

 High-Frequency (HF) or Radio-Frequency (RF) Generators are usually combined to cold presses for wood processing to reduce curing time.

In a traditional hot press system, the heat is transferred directly from the metal platens to the wood material by conduction. Usually, hot pressing takes long processing times, but High Frequency technology can give faster production cycles.

The High Frequency Capacitive Generator produces heat inside the wooden piece by so called “dielectric losses” phenomenon caused by electric dipoles vibration due to very quick polarity reversal (several millions of times per second)  of the electromagnetic field between the press platens.

HF technology may be used not only where quality improvement is possible, but also where conventional methods become very slow or inefficient.

HF technology is widely used also in other manufacturing fields, as:

  • textile industry
  • paper industry
  • leather industry
  • food industry.

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