he ENERGY SAVING static converter serves to generate a controlled squarewave single-phase alternate voltage (low frequency: 25 ÷ 125Hz) for industrial applications requiring high load power supplied by an external matching transformer. The power supply, sectioned by remote control switch and external fuses, is fed by a three-phase electric line via uncontrolled diode bridge and filtered by inductor and capacitor battery. The DC voltage thus obtained is converted into single-phase alternating voltage via “H”-shape bridge of semiconductors in order to control impressed frequency single-phase transformers. 

The IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology provides an extremely efficiency control of high powers.

The benefits offered by this converters are:

  • Reliability and efficiency typical of semiconductor devices
  • High output (about 95%) and the possibility to control high power loads
  • Power factor cos(φ) = 0.9, that is no need of power factor correction
  • Power taken from the line on each phase in a balanced way
  • Simple water cooling system.

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