Solid state switches ISSF “PLUS

The solid state switches ISSF “PLUS" exceed the limitations of electromechanical switches for many difficult and demanding applications, such as the control of high power motors, transformers, tungsten lamps, heating elements, electric furnaces, etc.

The ISSF switches of the “PLUS” series have an extremely long service life since they have no contacts subject to wear, they are silent, and generate almost negligible radio-frequency interferences. For this reason, they are suitable for use in applications where acoustic or electric noises represent a problem.

Thanks to the total absence of moving parts, they can operate in extremely dirty atmospheres without being altered and/or damaged. The IS

SF switches of the “PLUS” series range between 100A and 460A and are suitable for all types of mains.

Protection fuses and RC groups provided. The three-phase execution is implemented using no. 2 or 3 single-phase static switches; compact executions are also available with 2 or 3 static switches. Standard models consist of modules in an insulated box, mounted on a dissipator with or without fan, depending on sizes. 

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The ISSF switches of the “COMPACT" series are available in 4 current versions (25-35-50-70A) 

“PLF“ Device - Partial Load Failure

The control device series “PLF” is supplied in two standard sizes: max current 300A and max current 600A.


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