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Static switches, or solid state switches, are electronic devices for ignition and piloting resistors to ensure a longer service life than electromechanical relays. Static switches are used for the control of high-power motors, transformers, tungsten lamps, heating elements and in many of the difficult and burdensome applications typical of electric furnace industries, in the glass industry and in plastics processing.

Start Power offers two types of static switches:

• ISSF COMPACT Static Switches

• Static switches ISSF PLUS


The ISSF switches of the “COMPACT" series are available in 4 current versions (25-35-50-70A) 

Solid state switches ISSF “PLUS

The ISSF switches of the “PLUS” series range between 100A and 460A and are suitable for all types of mains.

“PLF“ Device - Partial Load Failure

The control device series “PLF” is supplied in two standard sizes: max current 300A and max current 600A.

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